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2D Animation

2D Animation Services

2D animation is getting extremely popular owing to its versatility, vast reach, and cost-effectiveness. From cartoon animations to corporate 2D animations, organizations are extensively tapping this eye-catchy method of communication and marketing. Today, more and more companies are using this in their marketing strategies and it is proving to be very effective. Flat world Solutions is a leading 2D animation company and has been serving clients from around the globe for over a decade now. Animators at Flat world Solutions use different techniques such as onion skinning, morphing, interpolated rot scoping, etc. to create stunning animations for clients. Outsourcing 2D animation services will help businesses to get access to some of the most talented and skilled resources.

Services We Offer

At Flat world Solutions, we have a highly qualified and well-experienced team of animators who will ensure that we deliver best possible results within a quick turnaround time. Some of the key 2D custom animation services we offer include -

Detailed Character Research

When you approach us with set objectives, we begin by understanding the initial script and concept and gradually detail out the basic sketch of sequence and characters. This pre-agreed concept will then be used by the animators to develop complete storyboard. With years of experience and a keen sense of creativity, our team of animators will come up with 2D animations, which the clients will always remember

Complete Design and Conceptualization

We offer a comprehensive range of design and conceptualization of 2D images that bring all your ideas to life. Here our professionals do hours of sketching and designing to build a base on which the entire project lies. Colors, textures, and details are then added to impart depth and strengthen the idea

Professional Corporate 2D Animation

2D Animation designs in the corporate world may seem like a misfit, but the right use of animations during events, presentations, and training can help businesses leave a lasting impression on their clients or employees. Visually stimulating and well-designed animations help businesses explain their products and services better to their customers. We also offer explanatory videos, which do all the hard work of effectively putting the message across to the target audience

Creative Cartoon Animation

Each animated character needs to be visually interesting and engaging to grab the audience's attention. Today, illustrated characters and cartoons are showing up everywhere, right from ads to product coverings; so banking on cartoon animations for promoting your services can be a foolproof idea. At Flat world Solutions, we harness some of the most advanced and industry-best animation production technologies, and offer 2D animation services like custom animations, creative animation services, production services, and much more

Character Designing

We have an expert team of 2D animators, well-versed with all the pre-production tasks such as conceptualizing, designing, storyboarding, animatics, and editing. We ensure that all the characters are designed with extensive research, keeping the background in mind

Motion Styling

This is one of the key aspects in any kind of animation. It is important that the motion sequences in the animation are flawless. Our team is experienced in providing comprehensive and error-free motion styling services for each and every character in the animation sequence

Our 2D Animation Process

We, at Flat world Solutions, believe in providing our clients with the best-quality services. For this reason, we follow a systematic 2D animation process, which is streamlined to provide all our clients with the best 2D animation services.

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