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Back Office Solution

Back Office Support Services

If you are managing a small or a medium size business and you are looking for a solution to outsource your a non-coria tasks then Back Office Support might be the solution for you. Unlike business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions, which allow you to outsource a complete department with standardized tasks, Back Office support allows you to outsource semi-standardized tasks like email and chat support, documentation, data mining, research and report writing, presentation preparation, bookkeeping, financial analysis, website development and support, etc. to an offshore team. The back-office team works with the front-office staff/team in a real-time environment using telephone/chat/email tools. This combination of front and back office services teams allows an organization to reduce cost and improve productivity.

How does the Process Work?

The client provides us with a list of skill set required and Kaya then develops the back office outsourcing team based on client requirements. Once the team is setup and acceptable to the client, the next step is selecting the project management tool. There are different project management tools available that our clients use to manage communication with the back office. The most popular seems to be basecamp. Depending on the size of the team, the back office outsourcing team has a team lead or project manager to manage communication and provide regular reporting. The team is staffed based on the client requirements. How the two offices interact depends on the front office communication requirements; normally, regular meetings are setup to take stock of different tasks. Some clients involve the back office services even at the strategic level and try to tap into their input; for others, the front office has very strict requirements/expectations of what needs to be done and by when; it almost becomes a traditional BPO environment. Our experience suggests that It's Wise to involve the back office services team as their input can help improve productivity and save cost.

Basic and Advance Levels of Support

We offer Back Office Support services at two levels: basic and advanced. The difference between the two is the level of expertise. A Basic-level Support associate normally has a bachelor’s degree and is not a specialist in any particular area. The associate provides general purpose support, whether you require ad posting, data entry, creating forms, content updating, etc. An Advance-level Support associate is a specialist who has an ACCA (accounting), MBA, or a Computer Science degree.

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